WE BREW beer that’s inspired by our surroundings.

Door County Brewing Company is inspired by our surrounding; our friends, our families, our landscape. Our mission is to create beers that lead to a gathering of community and friends where ever you are. We promise to create only the best tasting, thought provoking, carefully sourced, eco conscience beers that are constantly pushing the edge of imagination and senses.

What you will find in our beers is music, food, friends, family, travel, trees, soils and flowers—not just ingredients.

Visit our Brewery and Tap Room next time you're in Door County. Come by, grab a beer, listen to some music, and make some new friends.

  • We believe in an environmentally friendly, carefully sourced, community minded driven , hoppiness-induced good time.
    —Door County Brewing Co.
  • Hey-Hey what u say?
    —Freddie Kodanko
  • "Goat Parade is my favorite Imperial Smoked Stout, yeah mine too"
    —Earl & Clegg

Our Beer



Freddie Kodanko was a legendary figure in Door County — a dancing, laughing character who loved polka, his red tractor, and of course, beer. Freddie would wear his “king” outfit and play his favorite polka tunes at local festivals and parades. You always knew when Freddie was enjoying a beer, since most days he drove his tractor to the tavern. In his honor, we created Polka King Porter. This dark brown porter is brewed with pale chocolate malts and English hops. It’s a malty beer with notes of roasted chocolate and caramel—the perfect stepping stone for those looking to venture into the realm of darker beers. So kick up your heels and drink to the king!



Named for the smaller of the two islands outside of Sister Bay, Wisconsin, “Little Sister” is a reflection on the relaxed, laid back atmosphere of a Door County summer. This cloudy, pale Belgian style ale is brewed with equal parts Belgian Pilsner malt and wheat. Little Sister is spiced with coriander and orange peel, both traditional to the style, plus we’ve added a blend of other unique spices to produce notes of pepper and citrus. Like our beer, the people of Door County are influenced by the freshness of the landscape and the openness of the people around them. And, they aren’t too shy either.


Goat Parade

Meet Earl and Clegg, the most bad ass goats in Door County. As Grand Marshals to the parade of goats marching behind, they ramble about the autumn landscape. To ring in the cooler temperatures, we created the seasonal Goat Parade, an homage to our two furry friends. Once the dark, smoky character of this Imperial Stout was tasted, we knew people would line up for more. We created an aromatic, high gravity ale that’s brewed with cherry wood smoked malts and added molasses and brown sugar for sweetness. The result is a well balanced stout ideal for a cold and windy Wisconsin nights. We suggest taking Earl and Clegg’s lead—it is the perfect time of year to be with friends and have a little fun. Anything else would really get our goat.



It takes a certain Frenchman to fully understand joie de vivre. In the late 1600s, that man was Pierre Espirit Radisson. The adventurous French explorer wintered in Door County during a fur trading expedition and was never the same. “Oh là là,” he said, as he described the region as a place of such great bounty, whatever a man could desire was his for indulging. In honor of our rich land, we created Bière de Seigle. Brewed with our saison yeast, low alpha hops and two types of rye for added depth and spice, Bière de Seigle is a rustic American approach to a classic Belgian farmhouse ale. The range of flavors is a tour de force.



It’s about your everyday man. The dirt underneath his fingernails is not just a constant but a comfort. He wakes and dawns with the sun, he farms his own land, and he brews his own beer. Not just any beer, a traditional Belgian style Farmhouse ale. In Door County, hard seasonal workers forged our heritage. Pastoral is a celebration of the seasons and the land—from farmhouses past to fields present. Both refreshing and dry, with hints of pepper, citrus and green grass, the recipe is not just about the beauty in simplicity but also the pride in tradition.

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Silurian Stout

Over 425 million years ago, Door County was entirely encompassed by the warm, shallow Silurian Sea. A submerged geographic anomaly, Door County was home to some of earth’s first reefs and biodiverse life forms. A tribute to the beginning, we brewed our own rich, dark and velvety creation. Dive into the delicious depths of Door County Brewing Company’s Silurian Stout—with chocolate and dark malts, lactose sugar and a hint of coffee. Ruling land and sea, this legendary creamy milk stout is unlike anything of our time.

  • Dedicated to the hard working people of Door County, Wisconsin and to those who know how good a beer tastes at the end, or beginning of the day.

  • “You can take my heart, you can take my bike, but please don’t take my beer”

    – Little Sister


Door County Brewing Co. believes in supporting our community and will be at events throughout the year. Come by, enjoy a beer, talk to us, tell us what you think and lets have a good time.

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